Cummins CFP9E-F50 W/ 1.8 Hours

Cummins CFP9E-F50     W/  1.8 Hours
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Product Description

CFP9E-F50 The QSL has advanced electronics, higher torque, better throttle response, shorter service times, longer maintenance intervals, increased fuel economy and up to 50% less noise. Standard features include:

•EPA Tier-3 exhaust emission certified •Compatible with high sulfur diesel fuel •Full-Authority Electronic Controls - Optimize engine operation and deliver critical information for controlling costs, reducing maintenance and seamless integration with other components •Stiffer Block Design - For reduced noise and vibration. Fluid circuits are integrated, replacing hoses and eliminating potential leak points •Holset Wastegated Turbo - Wastegated design optimizes operation across the torque curve with improved response •Low-Maintenance Fuel Filter Assembly - The fuel filter incorporates an integrated water separator and water-in-fuel sensor. Easy top-load replacement using standard Fleetguard® filters •Low-Tension Belt Arrangement - This simplified design provides maximum power output through the accessory drive •Ni-Resist Piston Inserts - Give exceptional oil control •Mid-Stop Cylinder Liners - Reduce cavitation and improve rebuild ability •This Cummins QSL 9L Series engine is a 4 stroke inline. It has a liter) displacement •The operating speeds from 1470 to 2300 RPM