DBI Sala 3102000 Talon Twin-Leg 6 Foot With Aluminum Rebar Hooks

DBI Sala  3102000 Talon Twin-Leg 6 Foot With Aluminum Rebar Hooks
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Product Description

3102000 Talon Twin-Leg 6 Foot Self Retracting Web Lifeline With Aluminum Rebar Hooks 3102000 Talon Twin-Leg Self Retracting Web Lifeline with 6 feet of nylon webbing on each leg and 2 1/4 inch aluminum rebar hooks on tail ends Talon quickly and easily attached directly to the back of the user's harness by means of the built-in quick connect handle. A securing strap holds the housing in the correct position, preventing it from moving around during work activities. Talon self retracting lifelines are engineered for reliable protection that locks when it should; won't lock when it shouldn't. Two leg model offers 100% tie-off protection and the lightweight aluminum rebar hooks allow you to connect to larger anchorages. •Added mobility with two 6 foot lifelines within one unit. •100% tie-off capabilities for safe work at heights. •Inertia activated for quick response time and reduced arresting forces. •Compact, lightweight design. •Durable nylon housing with quick connect handle, rugged and light weight for attachment to harness. •No service/recertification required, reduces cost of ownership. •Extra-strong and long-lasting materials for extended product life. •1 inch nyon web lifelines. •Includes Delta Comfort Pad and 2 lanyard keepers. •Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359. •Weight 5.40 lbs.