Elkhart's 242-95 Eductor Part # 03971901

Elkhart's 242-95 Eductor   Part # 03971901
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Product Description

Elkhart's 242-95 Eductor Part # 03971901

Detailed Description 242-95 Eductor Features Benefits Portable Foam Eductors Rugged, Corrosion Resistant Brass Construction 1/2% Setting for Class A Foam* Simple, Efficient Venturi Design Inline or By-pass Models* 1, 3, & 6% Settings for Class B foam* Positive Setting Positions* Removable Metering Valve Clear PVC Pickup Hose � .625" ID x 1.0" OD Removable Pickup Screen Wide Selection of Flows* Stainless Steel Check Ball*

Years of Dependable Service Easy Hook-up/Easy Set-up Trouble-free Operation Compatible with Most Foam Concentrates A Size for All Handlines: 1" thru 3" Cost Effective Class A Foam System Can be deployed in any position Elkhart Quality

New 242-95 inline eductor produces maximum concentrate pick-up vacuum with minimal back pressure. The 242-95's extremely light, durable, corrosion-resistant Armor-Lyte cast body is flow efficient and calibrated for flow rates of 95 GPM.

Features include:

* 1.5" free swivel inlet and 1.5" outlet * Solution pick-up hose and drum spike * Variable check valve (selectable 1/2%, 1% or 3%) * Three fixed check valves (at 1/2%, 1%, and 3%)