HAWS MODEL 8300-8309

HAWS MODEL 8300-8309
Item# HAWS-MODEL-8301
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Product Description

The Haws 8300 combines the use of an ABS showerhead and anti-surge Soft-Flo eyewash heads for the irrigation process. Emergency combination unit is equipped with an in-line 50 x 50 mesh water strainer and pop-off dust covers, so when debris is present, the irrigation process stays protected. Virtually eliminating mishaps, the unitís safety features include: universal emergency sign, high visibility stripe, and a foot treadle so the eyewash can be activated without the use of the operators hands.

A great addition to unsafe environments where the eyes and body may be exposed to corrosive materials. Requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with test card to record weekly testing. Reduces installation time because eyewash and valve assembly is pre-built and fully water/pressure tested. Solid galvanized steel construction make for one sturdy piece of emergency equipment. Certified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.