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Product Description

Model 9201EF is a thermostatic mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to fixtures requiring flow up to 7 gpm @ 30 psi, sufficient for a single eye-eye/face wash. The unit employs a thermostatic mixing element and includes an outlet temperature gauge.

Tempered Water: The thermostatic mixing element responds to changes in incoming hot and cold water temperatures to maintain outlet temperatures to +/- 5F (2.5C). Varying conditions can be up to a 30F (16C) change in hot water temperature, 30F (16C) change in cold-water temperature, and a 50% drop in inlet supply pressure. Inlet hot and cold pressures must be equal. The outlet temperature factory setting is 80F (26C).

Fail-Safe Back Up: The 9201 EF employs patented thermostatic elements and will safely temper water to flows as little as 2 gpm. System shuts off all incoming hot water should cold water supply fail. Should the hot water supply become interrupted or the thermostatic element fails, the valve will go into cold-water bypass mode.

Maximum inlet pressure: 125 psi. Maximum inlet temperature: 180F (82C). Recommended inlet temperature: 140F (60C). Minimum inlet temperature:120F (49C).

Inlet and Outlet: 1/2" NPT inlet and 3/4" NPT outlet; Supplied with check valves.