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Product Description

Model 9202 is a thermostatic mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to one or more emergency drench showers and eyewash fixtures requiring flow up to 40 gpm. Unit employs two separate thermostatic mixing elements and includes three outlet temperature gauges. Unit is constructed of bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Tempered Water: Twin thermostatic mixing elements respond independently to changes in incoming hot and cold water temperatures to maintain outlet temperatures to within +/-5F (2.5C). Varying conditions can be up to a 30F (16C) change in hot water temperature, 30F (16C) change in cold-water temperature, and a 50% drop in inlet supply pressure. Inlet hot and cold pressures must be equal. The outlet temperature factory setting is 80F (26C).

Fail-Safe Back Up: Liquid thermal thermostats with tamper-resistant control adjustment. System shuts off all incoming hot water should cold water supply fail. Redundant thermostatic elements provide tempering even when one element fails. Should the hot water supply become interrupted, or the thermostatic elements fail, the valve will go into cold-water bypass flow. *Note: In bypass mode, valve offers more resistance to flow than when functioning normally. Therefore, depending on facility pressure available, the fixture may not function to ANSI Standards when valve is in bypass mode. See chart in the 9202 O&M for pressure requirements in both tempered and bypass modes