MSA SRL PART # 506202 50 FT

MSA SRL PART # 506202  50 FT
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Product Description

Principles of Operation Has a 4.5 feet per second locking speed. A built-in shock absorber limits fall arrest forces to under 900 lbs. Three continuously moving independent braking mechanisms prevent freezing in icy or corrosive conditions. Available with 3/16-inch galvanized or stainless steel wire rope, or one-inch wide nylon webbing. A forged steel, zinc-plated, self-locking swivel snaphook is present on each unit with a load indicator that activates and alerts the user when the Dyna-Lock SRL has been impact loaded. The Roughneck model incorporates a black corrosion-resistant coating designed for severe environmental conditions. The capacity/working load for 20 web, 50, 70, and 95 cable Dyna-Lock models is 400 pounds (181 kg) maximum and 75 pounds (34 kg) minimum. For 20 cable Dyna-Lock, Short-Stop, and Sure-Lock models, capacity/working load is 310 pounds (140 kg) maximum and 75 pounds (34 kg) minimum. Arrest force is 75-310 pounds